The Lighthouse

Poème écrit dans le cadre de mon expérience en tant que facilitatrice de l’espace amis des enfants en situation d’urgence pour Lighthouse Relief.

« I am just a lighthouse
Looking for more humanity
And from the window of my house
I will tell you what I see.

Behind the clouds of their mood
I hear the music in their hearts
I see the colour in their childhood
Echoing across their arts.

I would like to welcome them,
Protect them under my shade,
Create a space for each of them,
To hold them safe after they’ve fled,

But as the Universe is might,
It whispers: « Let them be Free »,
For their courage is the light
That helps shine humanity.

I am just a lighthouse,
Looking for more humanity,
And John Hotel was the house,
Where their light has set me free. »

Ecrit par Lucile Boccon-Gibod pour Lighthouse Relief

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This beating heart who hates bigotry,
Is now pounding for a bloody fight,
This heart who does not fear to be lonely.

Light, light! Against the waking of the night,
Stand up to all fools and their heartless way,
Courage my dear heart! For you are so bright.

Send down my veins on this special day,
Heartbeats dancing to the rhythm of life,
And impulse some peace in the world I pray .

Ecrit par Lucile Boccon-Gibod pour In Education We Trust



A human jewelry born long Before.C.,
You witnessed humanity through the age,
Carved in stone your glamorous history,
Gave you the title of world heritage.

Tragically our present has destroyed you,
Left us wondering: what species are we?
Killing every single soul within you,
Showing the world our vilest cruelty.

With all your gained wisdom you must have known,
Human egos are the most destructive,
In the battle to dominate their own ,
They demolish all hearts breathing to live.

Aleppo these days I heard too much pain,
How I wish you could feel our love again!

Ecrit par Lucile Boccon-Gibod pour In Education We Trust


You do not choose me, it’s I who choose you,
I remember the sound of your first scream,
First mistake and success, I witnessed too,
In each souvenir I am part of the dream,

When you’re close to me, you’ll be comfortable,
Though stay too long ; and you’ll feel miserable,
With blast from the past, I will smother you,
All relationships here, will oppress you.

Decide to leave me, to make your own way,
Risk the path alone towards fearlessness,
Change, grow and free yourself from the old day,
You’ll become witness of my cold stillness.

You do not choose me, it’s I who choose you,
Still do not forget, I can’t possess you !

Ecrit par Lucile Boccon-Gibod pour In Education We Trust

Des mots pour ne plus se taire

Les mots sont vifs et délicieux:
Soit, effrayant, voire douloureux,
Ou animé, et très joyeux.

Experts en communication,
Partout autour de la planète,
Clé essentielle de l’expression,
Même Voltaire leur doit sa vedette!

Cependant, en fin de journée;
Les mots s’envolent pour rêvasser
Et le seul son fredonnant,
Est celui du vent respirant


Nous pouvons entendre l’univers,
Nous alertant de par ses vers,
Du danger de ce superbe outil,
Dans les mains d’un être qui nuit.

Luttant en vain face au destin,belgique
Il utilise contre les siens,
Le plus précieux des remèdes,
Pour répandre malheur et haine.

Son arrogance cause la misère,
Bien qu’en écoutant les mystères,
Il échappera à son enfer.

Ecrit par Lucile Boccon-Gibod pour In Education We Trust

World’s Wise Words

Words are witty and delightful
Sometimes creepy, even painful
Or else spirited, highly cheerful

Experts in communication,
Everywhere around the Globe
Vital key for self-expression,
Artists, and writers have all told

Yet at the end of the day;
Words dreamingly fly away
And the only sound singing
Is the wind, calmly breathing-


We may hear the world’ silent soul
Warning us this powerful tool
Does damage in the hands of fools
Who try dictate the cosmos’ rule

In vain struggling with destinybelgique
They use greedily against thee
What is the strongest remedy
To human’s harshest injury.

Their arrogance cause misery
Though if they seize life’s mystery
They might escape their tragedy

Ecrit par Lucile Boccon-Gibod pour In Education We Trust